Update: National Corvette Museum

Hello friends of Joel Ham Photography!

Wow, what a day!  I woke up this morning to reports of a sinkhole, inside the National Corvette Museum SkyDome, swallowing up Corvettes.

As the day progressed, the story continued to develop and more multimedia became available…

To date, 8 Corvettes, valued at $1 million were claimed by the sinkhole.

If you’ve followed my blogs for very long, you’ve seen photos from my trip to the museum.  Here are the links to my previous posts…



I’ve also photographed a wedding reception held at the museum…


It’s surreal to think that I’d walked over that spot, paused to take photographs of Corvettes over that spot; where, early this morning, the floor gave way to emptiness.

I look forward to visiting the museum again soon and hope that they’re able to make the necessary repairs quickly.



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