Hello friends of Joel Ham Photography!  I hope this post finds you doing well.  We’re loving life with all of its ups and downs.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I received a phone call from a dear friend last week, asking me to photograph his proposal to his beautiful girlfriend.  I’ve photographed babies, seniors, families, weddings; but never a proposal.  What fun!

So I’ll set the scene for you…downtown Bowling Green, KY, on the square, beautiful sunny day.  I arrive early to scope it out and see where the best hiding spot will be.  I found the perfect spot to hide the camcorder that would be recording the special event and I had my game plan in mind.  The “target” arrives, as planned.  I snap a few covert photos of the lovely couple getting out of the car and going to get a cup of coffee.  They walk across the square and sit down at the future groom’s predetermined bench.  Things are going swimmingly.

At this point I make my move from one hiding spot to the next, but wait, what’s happening?!  They’re up from the bench and moving across the square!  I have to decide quickly whether or not to grab the camcorder from its hiding place in order to get the video.  I decide not to, because to do so would expose me to the soon-to-be-bride.  Then I have to find an alternate hiding place, quick!  I settle in behind one of the decorative arches on the square.  The couple sit down at another bench further away than I had planned.

For the next half hour or so I do my best to discreetly peek around the arch to see what the couple is doing.  I stand, I sit, I do my best to snap a few photos of what is transpiring.  Then the moment is upon us (them)!  I see him go to his knee!  I move from my hiding place and start snapping pictures.  I’m still trying to be tactful in order to capture genuine reactions to the proposal instead of looks of confusion and bewilderment as to why I’m there, taking pictures of them.  I do my best to sneak up on the couple, who are now hugging, snapping pictures all the while.  Evidently I was sneaky enough, because the soon-to-be-bride was startled when I said, “Let me be the first to congratulate you on your engagement.”

What a blessing to be able to be there for this very special moment in their life together!  Good friends, good memories.  Thanks for letting me be there.

Here’s a few photos from the day.  Enjoy!


MarcusAndCassieCollage11x14 MarcusAndCassieProposal-124 MarcusAndCassieProposal-131 MarcusAndCassieProposal-138 MarcusAndCassieProposal-139 MarcusAndCassieProposal-143 MarcusAndCassieProposal-146 MarcusAndCassieProposal-150 MarcusAndCassieProposal-158 MarcusAndCassieProposal-174 MarcusAndCassieProposal-169 MarcusAndCassieProposal-166


The Ham Kids

Here are our favorites from this past saturday.

20130525HamKidsSpring-56 20130525HamKidsSpring-70 20130525HamKidsSpring-128 20130525HamKidsSpring-131 20130525HamKidsSpring-135 20130525HamKidsSpring-164 20130525HamKidsSpring-180 20130525HamKidsSpring-205To see the rest of the pictures we took on saturday, check out our Facebook page.