Happy Birthday, Joel!

Today is Joel’s birthday.  I was trying to figure out what I could get him for his birthday and thought I would look on pintrest.  I found this really cute idea, counted my kids feet and realized I have the perfect number. 🙂  I added one of each of them individually at the end of this post, for good measure.

I let Joel pick his favorite to print, and this is what he chose.

Poor Clay, I forgot to do his hair.


It’s Not Easy Being Green

Happy Sunday, fans and friends of Joel Ham Photography!

Stacy and I were enjoying a relaxing evening at home last night when what did we see stuck to our back door?!  A frog!  Or is it a toad?  When in doubt, Google “frog vs. toad”.  After exhaustive research, I’m pretty confident it’s a frog.  So, what do we do when extraordinary things happen in our home?  We grab the camera and try to get some good shots.  Let us know what you think – we love to hear feedback.


For some reason that quote “Hang in There” comes to mind.

Up Close and Personal

It’s Not Easy Being Green

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